Habitat nz

My habitat is the wetlands
WALT: Delibes a new Zealand habitat and the animals who live there

In the wetlands there is lots of fresh water In the wetlands there is lots of Raupo bushes.

IN the wetlands there is lots of mud in the wetlands In the water there are stones and in it is are lots of pukeko in it is a red larvae in the water boatman a back swimmer a howk eels 3 swons 4 white swons grey duck.

Red larvae they are fund in the wetlands the larvae is a red spisis and has sixteen legs and it has a habitat is the water, bush.


pukeko is native to New Zealand the pukeko lives in the wetlands swamp eat bugs there colour is black bluye redeys are brawn it has long legs the is orange legs.

water boutman 
a water boutman is a inseet in the waterit lives in the water and bushes iader waterit eats bess.

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