Writing Term 2

We read a book called 'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr Seuss. We used our Green Thinking Hat to write a creative story about what would happen if Thing 1 & Thing 2 (characters from the book) came to our house.

We are learning to:
Use the Green Thinking Hat (creativity) to write a story.

We can do this when we can: 
-Write a story that keeps the reader interested.
-Write in detail.
-Use interesting words.
-Publish our work carefully.

 If thing one and thing two came to my house they would explode my house. My mum might come home but Dr Seuss would come to save the world then I would thank you Dr Seuss.

Student Reflection:
Something I did well: Publish my work carefully.
My next step: Add more detail to my writing.

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